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DynaChain Collaborates with Ariva Digital to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency Adoption

DynaChain is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Ariva Digital, the team behind Ariva cryptocurrency. This collaboration marks a significant step towards revolutionizing digital payments within the global tourism and travel industry, making transactions easier, more efficient, and accessible to all.

Together, DynaChain and Ariva Digital will work collaboratively to promote innovative solutions, enhance user experiences, and drive the adoption of cryptocurrency within our respective communities elevating the global tourism and HealthFi industry.   

“DynaChain is excited to partner with Ariva Digital in their mission to revolutionize the tourism and travel industry through the adoption of cryptocurrency, a goal that is parallel to DynaChain’s mission for the HealthFi  

The partnership with Ariva Digital will enable DynaChain to leverage Ariva’s expertise in the travel and tourism sector to expand its reach and impact. By integrating Ariva’s cryptocurrency into its ecosystem, DynaChain aims to offer its users seamless access to travel services, enhanced payment options, and valuable rewards for their transactions.

About Ariva

Ariva, a cryptocurrency designed for active use within global and local tourism networks, is set to transform the way transactions are conducted in the travel and tourism sector. With its innovative approach, Ariva aims to streamline payments, enhance user experiences, and create a seamless ecosystem where travelers can connect with service providers, make bookings, and earn crypto rewards.

 Ariva Digital is the team behind Ariva cryptocurrency, designed for active use within global and local tourism networks.

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