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DynaChain Health-Fi: Innovation In Health and Wellness Summit

The DynaChain Health-Fi: Innovation In Health and Wellness Summit was held at the Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre, on May 18, 2024, bringing together a diverse group of industry leaders in project incubation, GameFi, and web3 Marketing, as well as guest health enthusiasts, to discuss the latest advances of health and wellness technology. The event was a significant milestone for DynaChain, demonstrating the company’s ongoing commitment to increasing the adoption of health and wellness through innovative blockchain solutions.

Attendees lining up to enter the Stage 1 at PJPAC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The afternoon began with a warm welcome address from the emcee, Mr. Cody Tan, who set a positive tone for the day’s events. Mr. Rayz, CMO of DynaChain, then provided an insightful introduction to DynaChain, elaborating on the platform’s mission to integrate blockchain technology into health and wellness, enhancing efficiency and transparency, as well as the promising proof of wellness initiative that DynaChain has been cultivating through web2 to web3.

The keynote sessions began with Mr. Serhat Yanar, one of DynaChain’s Advisors and a well-known name in the blockchain industry with impressive connections and positions, including Advisor to Athene Network and Co-founder of Friend3 AI and Cheersland. Throughout his speech, Mr. Serhat captivated the audience with compelling discussions about DynaChain’s future as a successful web3 project with the community’s help. He emphasized how blockchain’s decentralized nature corresponds with its community’s ability to collaborate and ensure its success. His inspiring speech concluded with exciting news about the upcoming DynaChain token launch.

Next up was Ms. Noelle Lee, the Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder of Lydian Labs. Currently playing a significant role in driving the inaugural Malaysia Blockchain Week, Malaysia’s first-ever premier blockchain conference, Ms. Noelle took the stage to discuss innovative approaches to fundraising and business development. She highlighted the importance of Malaysia expanding its footprint in the blockchain sector. Ms. Noelle shared how Lydian Labs, a premier Web3 service provider, offers synergistic solutions to partners aiming to establish a strong presence in the Web3 industry.

Ms. Amy from GameFi.org followed with an overview of project incubation, IDOs, and the token launch process. She shared fascinating insights with the DynaChain community about empowering investors by instilling trust and confidence in key stakeholders during the project’s launch. Drawing on her years of experience as the Business Development Manager at GameFi.org, she emphasized the platform’s comprehensive services for blockchain gamers, investors, and traders. Her session was a deep dive into the essential elements of successful project launches.

The next speaker, Ms. Chloe Tran, DMission’s Business Development Manager, introduced herself as a dynamic leader at an Engage-to-Earn playground where users complete captivating missions. She provided valuable insights into achieving project success and growth through user acquisition and community building, particularly during bullish seasons. Ms. Chloe’s talk emphasized the importance of user engagement and retention in order to build strong, thriving communities.

Capping off the keynote sessions was Mr. Jackson Neo, another esteemed advisor at DynaChain. He delivered an inspiring presentation on future trends in the HealthFi and blockchain space, sharing his vision of a future where blockchain and health tech converge to create a more equitable and accessible healthcare system. With his advanced knowledge of web3, he detailed the upcoming DynaChain token launch. His talk left the audience with a sense of excitement and optimism about the future of DynaChain and HealthFi.

(L-R: Mr. Serhat Yanar - DynaChain and Athene Network Advisor, Ms. Noelle Lee - CRO of Lydian Labs, Ms. Amy - Business Development Manager of GameFi.org, Ms. Chloe Tran Business Development Manager of DMission, and Mr. Jackson Neo - DynaChain Advisor)

Interspersed between the keynote speeches were engaging mini games, orchestrated by the Mr. Cody Tan, the emcee, which fostered interaction and camaraderie among the attendees. These interactive sessions provided a refreshing break and encouraged networking and collaboration.

After the keynote sessions, a special token presentation ceremony took place, where Mr. Tommy presented the DynaChain Token to a VIP guest. This symbolic gesture highlighted DynaChain’s dedication to innovation and excellence in the health and wellness industry. A group photo session captured this momentous occasion, followed by more interactive mini games that kept the energy high.

The product feature presentation was a highlight of the event, with Mr. Michael and Mr. Jeffrey showcasing the DC Wave. They demonstrated its cutting-edge capabilities and how it can significantly benefit health and wellness. The audience was captivated by the potential applications of this innovative product, which promises to revolutionize how health and wellness are approached and managed.

Following this, the activity session continued with additional mini games, adding an element of fun and engagement. Mr. Tommy then led an update session, providing the latest developments and future plans for DynaChain. His presentation offered valuable insights into the platform’s direction and upcoming initiatives.

Mr. Tommy Lay COO and Co-founder of DynaChain sharing latest updates about DynaChain

One of the most anticipated segments was the lucky draw session, conducted by the Cody and Jeffrey. Attendees eagerly awaited the announcement of the winners, adding a layer of excitement and anticipation to the event.

The summit concluded with a Health and Wellness Expo, where attendees had the opportunity to explore various product showcases and demonstrations. Key products such as the DC Life Pro Max, DC Revive, and DC Wave were displayed, allowing attendees to see firsthand the innovative technologies DynaChain is bringing to the market. The networking session that followed provided a platform for attendees to connect, exchange ideas, and discuss potential collaborations, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

In summary, the DynaChain Health-Fi: Innovation In Health and Wellness Summit was a resounding success. It highlighted the transformative potential of blockchain technology in the health and wellness industry, provided valuable insights, fostered meaningful connections, and set the stage for future advancements. The event underscored DynaChain’s commitment to leading the way in health and wellness innovation, making a significant impact on the industry.

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Innovation in Health and Wellness Summit has successfully concluded! Over 600 attendees converged at the Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Center. Wrapping up an incredible DynaChain HealthFi Innovation in Health and Wellness Summit today, May 18. 2024 in Malaysia! A huge thank you to our amazing speakers, the dedicated DynaChain Team,

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